Helpful Tips to Care for All Metal Surfaces

For Silver, Brass, Copper & More. Whether your household metal items are heirlooms or everyday necessities, you can easily keep them gleaming and free of tarnish.

What is tarnish? Tarnish is a thin layer of corrosion which can dull or destroy metals. This forms as a result of oxidation, usually between metallic ions and sulfur in the atmosphere. In other words, the metal’s outer layer undergoes a chemical reaction caused by its environment. The best way to prevent tarnish is by keeping metals dry. Cleaning with Mr. Metal leaves behind a Tarnish Guard barrier, which increases tarnish resistance.

Clean, Shine and Protect all your metal items safely and effectively with these metal care tips from Mr. Metal:
1. Maintain a metal's shine by avoiding the use of abrasive cleaners. Steel wool and scouring pads can scratch metals, leading to a duller appearance.
2. Separate stainless steel and sterling silver in the dishwasher. A chemical reaction between the two can leave the silver with black spots.
3. Use diluted dishwashing detergents to wash fine metals. Contact with heavily concentrated detergents can damage the finish of certain metals.
4. Apply Mr. Metal with a clean, soft, lint-free cloth. Turn the cloth frequently to expose a fresh, unsoiled surface.
5. Spread Mr. Metal polish evenly on the surface to maintain a uniform appearance.
6. For intricate details or ornate objects, apply and rinse Mr. Metal with a sponge for easy conforming to the metal surface.